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I’ve received a bunch of messages from folks asking how they can help out Hagstone. Well, I have one answer for you!

We have prepared a fancy flier! If you like, you can download a PDF of 4 of these fliers on one 8 1/2 x 11 in page, photocopy them, chop them up into quarters, and deliver them to your friends, your local occult shop, a witchcraft festival you’re going to next month, whatever!

Before you flier, remember that it’s always nice to ask folks if it’s alright. Make sure they don’t mind you setting down a pile of fliers - we don’t want to piss anyone off or step on anybody’s toes. Consensual flier placement only! 


As a special bonus to folks who hand out fliers for us - you will get one FREE submission to the zine. In order for this to be valid, please send us a photo of a stack of fliers (the more the better) in your local occult shop. The more photos of the fliers in situ, the better - and we’d love a picture of the shop’s exterior! 

Please send this info to

Thanks so much!

<3 ARJ

Check it out folks… I plan to submit something… as soon as I come up with a topic. I’m terrible at narrowing myself to one topic.

The more topics, the better!


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